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The Particle Papers


The Wolves of Adrestia

Mother Goose has a secret game she likes to play with the children of our world. From time to time, she will spirit a promising teen to her world of Adrestia, there to compete in a cruel game. The kidnapped child will be thrust into the role of a storybook hero and given a simple task: reach the end of the tale with heart and courage intact. Those who succeed are sent home at once; those who do not will find themselves transformed into the villains for the next hapless hero Mother Goose abducts.

When seventeen-year-old Miri Allen wakes up alone in Adrestia she learns she is to play the part of Little Red Riding Hood. Somewhere out there, the Big Bad Wolf has her scent and would do anything to get home again.

But what neither the Goose nor the Wolf expect is that Miri's courage is equaled only by her stubbornness, and she won't rest until she discovers the truth behind the Goose's game.

The Particle Papers was an serialized monthly publication of quality fiction, and ended production in December of 2023. Issues 1 - 24 are currently available for individual purchase.

The lastt issues contain chapters from The Wolves of Adrestia by Ian Donnell Arbuckle and The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, by Charles Dickens

Issue 13 contains the final chapters of Cows and the Effervescent Cough Syrup by Amanda Divine and Chapter 1 of The Wolves of Adrestia by Ian Donnell Arbuckle

Issues 1-12 contain Cows and the Effervescent Cough Syrup, by Amanda Divine and The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, by Charles Dickens

This publication began production in January 2022, but had been floating around in the mental ether for several years. It was intended it as a continuous publication, meaning:

1) Whole novels would be published, at least one chapter each month, until completion

2) Another novel would be published in the same issue that any one novel completes

Our print run included the novel of a local author and also a classic novel from the public domain.

Our first issues contained Cows and the Effervescent Cough Syrup by Amanda Divine, which wrapped up in the January 2023 issue. The book is about a man, Fitzgerald, who has become obsessed with a pair of red boots. When they are tainted by cow manure he must find a way to clean them. It is an amusing romp in the grasslands of Eastern Washington, somewhat absurdist and with aspects of magical realism.

The classic humorous chronicle The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (otherwise known as The Pickwick Papers) by Charles Dickens, is the second novel appearing still in current issues of The Particle Papers.

Subscriptions are no longer being accepted, although we do have back-issues available.

Particle Papers Issue 13 Wolves